Link Roundup: Cool physics stuff, Vancouver science events, tips for writing about science, & women in science

5 Jul

Cool Physics Stuff

  • One of the coolest demo videos ever. What happens when you add the concept of a Möbius strip to a superconductor train?

  • What happens when you drop the tip of a chain of beads from a beaker? Nice explanation, plus who doesn’t love slow motion videos? HT Jennifer Ouellette.

Vancouver Science Events

Writing about Science

Women in Science

Last but not the least…


6 Responses to “Link Roundup: Cool physics stuff, Vancouver science events, tips for writing about science, & women in science”

  1. awisstaff July 5, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    Hey, thanks for including our blog post on womens-only awards in STEM! P.S. Loved the bead chain experiment video 🙂

    • Terrific T July 5, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

      No problem! I totally agree with the post – I think it is important to look at the big picture. Great job with your blog btw!

  2. Artem Kaznatcheev July 5, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    The bead chain experiment video is amazing!

    Also, it looks like I do most of the “break into science writing” stuff already. I even landed a paying gig writing for TiC — a stat-up blog — however, I didn’t get that by learning to write good article. I got that position by learning how to do niche marketing on reddit (so I can drive the heavy traffic that these ad-fueled blogs want) and by following the right people on G+ (and elsewhere) so that I could learn of niche developments before the big presses did. In other words, I disagree with the comment:

    Don’t waste too much time on those sites [reddit, etc], but you can use them to find interesting links to share, to share other people’s work, and to occasionally share links to your own posts and articles.

    I definitely think it is important to learn the interests of sites like reddit so that you can promote your work.

    • Terrific T July 5, 2013 at 10:16 pm #

      I do agree with him mostly though. I think it depends on what you write and what your objectives are. For most of the things I write, they don’t belong on reddit very well. I am personally biased because I am not a fan of reddit (and reddit doesn’t like me much anyways haha). In addition, I value maintaining relationships (new followers) more than traffic, and visitors through reddit typically do not stay. I think for beginners it is important to simply get going and not think too much about promo on reddit – it can be quite discouraging to get voted down. Once the ball is rolling, then it is good to assess whether the writing style and content of the writing are appropriate for reddit. And in fact, some of the social media/blogging people I met at the recent Northern Voice would agree, since they actually don’t look at SEO at all and told others not to think much about it, especially at the beginning.

      So it is probably not necessary to write reddit off, at the same time that should not be the focus to begin with.

      • Artem Kaznatcheev July 6, 2013 at 6:41 am #

        For me it is mostly a matter of motivation. When I have some arbitrary number (like visitors or views) to watch, it becomes easier to remind myself to write regularly. Finally, although reddit users don’t comment on the blog website, they do comment and discuss the blog on reddit, sometimes extensively. This lets you tap into an existing community to support you until your blog can build its own. It is kind of like blogging for an established network (or how I imagine it would be), except you don’t need an ‘in’.

        • Terrific T July 6, 2013 at 7:30 am #

          My motivation is different – I write regularly because I want to create new content for my followers. I get more pumped up when I gain a new follower (and that’s the arbitrary number important for me). I think people find motivation from different places, and as long as the motivation is there it makes it easier to keep going.

          You do have a good point with reddit re: community (not sure if i would personally call it “support” though). But again, we have very different experiences on reddit, and the kinds of articles we write are also quite different. Reddit certainly has its merit and does work for some, but probably not for all. Either way, I do think you need good content to begin with. In your case, you have good content (even though you think you didn’t learn to write good articles haha), and then reddit caught on. Without that good content, there will be no reddit attention (prob would be voted down so fast that you don’t even see it), and no paying gig!

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