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7 Mar

2013 March 7 Feature Image
I have been waiting for an opportunity to cover Speaking of Science – so glad now to have a specific reason. Its latest interview was with Rosemary Mosco, who made my favourite comic about Science & Art.

I get asked the question “so what do you do?” a lot. My most straight forward answer is “science communication.” What follows  is usually, “eh…so what do you do??” (I really should work on my elevator pitch). Science communication can mean different things to different people. Speaking of Science is a website about “The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Science Communication.” The main feature of the site is Speaking to…, where Julie Gould (who herself has an amazing story) interviews science communicators from different fields of science, in different geographical areas, who use different means to communicate science (online, offline, writing, drawing, and more),  and asks them about their personal experience of science communication.

In a recent interview, she talked to Rosemary Mosco, who made the following comic about Science vs Art. For a very long time, there is a separation between science and art, as if scientists are so analytical and objective that they shouldn’t dab into arts, and artists are so emotional and passionate that they have nothing to do with science. But more and more we are crossing this boundary and looking for inspirations from the other side. This comic is such a perfect illustration of how science and art can come together and be something awesome (not to mention cute 😛 ). Why must it be one or the other?

You can check out Rosemary’s website, her comics page, and her interview with Speaking of Science. Also take some time on Speaking of Science to look at interviews of other science communicators.

By the way, if you are in the greater Vancouver area, there is a Science Online event coming up on March 12: Science and Arts Discussion, happening in conjunction with an exhibition at Science World: Creativity in Motion, Springs, Sprockets & Pulleys. Check out the Science Online Vancouver’s Facebook page for more information – hope to see you there!

Science vs Art


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