The Pokeymans Project [Link]

3 Dec
The Pokeymans Project

The Pokeymans Project

I usually share links on my page. However, this one I have to share here because this reminds me how I named my blog.

I read about the Pokeymans Project through Dave Ng’s blog Popperfont (which by the way is awesome, people should check it out). Noelle Stevenson, who knows nothing about Pokémons, will draw them based on the descriptions given to her by readers. Noelle is also the one behind the web comic NiMONA.

Anyways, what do Pokémons have to do with me and this blog?

I was really, really surprised by the number of people I know (particularly graduate students) who can recall the names the 1st Generation Pokémons (okay, cannot blame them, because I also watched a lot of Pokémons animations myself, but I simply cannot remember any of their names). So when I was thinking about a name for my blog, looking for something that people can relate to, something that I can relate to…

Then comes the name “Science, I Choose You,” because I would choose “science” as my Pokémon to face this immensely massive, totally challenging, yet amazingly beautiful world, together. Better yet, even without the Pokémon reference this name still makes total sense (Ha!).

Anyways, just a little piece about where the name of this blog came from.


3 Responses to “The Pokeymans Project [Link]”

  1. corsetedreams February 12, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    That has got to be the best story of where a name came from. For the record I remember a good amount of the 1st generation pokemon names 🙂

    • Terrific T February 12, 2013 at 3:15 pm #

      Thanks! I unfortunately remember at most 5 of them (even though I watched the cartoon a lot). Some of the graduate students I referred to claimed to be able to name all of the first generation ones…!


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    […] someone whose blog name was inspired by a Pokemon catch-phrase, I am attracted to all things science & Pokemon. It therefore feels like my duty to talk about […]

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